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- Interior design - Interior layout - Interior architecture - Decorating - Design


- Architect - Specialist in wood construction - New builds - Professional buildings, shops, main houses...


- Extension - Renovation - Redevelopment - Rebuilding of ruins, old properties, heritage and historical buildings

By the multiplicity of his knowledge and experience, Carole DECLERCQ - Chalet Design, you will realize your dreams and go after your ambitions. For a thorough knowledge of the mountain habitat and the rules, and his experience in the renovation of old buildings and designing new chalets, Carole DECLERCQ, you will get the living space for you to better, while responding to your desires and budgets, in compliance with the surrounding landscape or heritage that you put at its disposal.

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Carole Declercq

Carole Declercq, Architect d.p.l.g. Carole Declercq, Architect d.p.l.g., graduated from the School of Architecture (Lille) in 1997. Post graduation, Carole secured a position with an architect office in ...Read more »