In addition to being a caterer (see “Le traiteur du haut Giffre’” project), Claude has a private and social life. He needed a place which look like him, to rest and receive his friends.
Installing above his professional laboratory, the bachelor corresponds totally to him.
A direct access to the garden allows him to large barbecue while a TV room allows him to land and a central bar to receive.

  • 300m ² of apartment, on 360m ² of professional premises
  • On the ground floor: Le traiteur du haut Giffre’ laboratory on the visitors’ car park
  • At the garden’s level: an entrance covered by a carport, a corridor giving view on the warehouse of the laboratory, a TV lounge, a wood-burning stove, two en-suite bedrooms and a central bar (to the height of the number of friends who will be invited), which delimits a kitchen in length and a large dining room (at the level of the kitchen that will be served), the whole space opened on a big garden allowing the days barbecue
  • Upstairs: three en-suite bedrooms serviced by a mezzanine corridor

La garçonnière