Carole Declercq - Chalet Design: Knowledge, experience, diplomas

Carole Declercq, architect DPLG, graduated from the School of Architecture (Lille) in 1997.

After graduating, she obtained a post in an architectural office in the department of Haute-Savoie. Seven years later, after falling in love with the area and gaining a lot of practical architectural experience, Carole decided to open her own office.
This firm of Architects that have 20 years of experience and are specialists in renovation, construction, and space design, offer a professional friendly service for a great luxury design.

This service covers all aspects of design and planning and provides high quality and very personalized work.

Carole wanted to create an agency of architecture which combines knowledge and passion. By the diversity of her knowledge and experiences, CD, will achieve your dreams and go after your ambitions.

“Through knowledge of the mountain habitat and its rules, I have experience in renovating old buildings into new designs and designing new ones, I will give you the best living space you want while listening and reacting to your desires and budget, while making sure we are compliant with surrounding landscape and heritage sites.”

If the above has ‘wetted your appetite’ then please take the time to look at the more detailed pages of my web-site; please feel free contact me if you have any questions or, alternatively, pop in to the office if you’re in the area. Don’t worry about potential language problems, I’m more than happy to speak English.

Carole Declercq