Karine and René wanted to re-appropriate a house that seemed impersonal and in which they did not like to stay. Today they cannot leave it!
This project mixes modern and classic for an open cocooning house.
A work of selecting views on the mountain, and not on the highway (which borders the garden) to the north, allowed its inhabitants to enjoy a calm and serene interior.
A work on a turnaround of the house, by a full opening of its rooms to the south, the creation of an access to the terrace / pool, revived their desire to revel in summers at home.

  • Ground floor: a garage, a cellar
  • 1st Floor: access to the garden by a large terrace, an office / guest room, a bathroom, a large kitchen open to a dining room and a living room
  • 2nd floor: a bathroom, two bedrooms and a games room / guest bedroom.

La cave aux fées